Patented Totaloe Process

Dr. Ivan E. DanhofBased on a strategic vision and with a continuous philosophy of improvement, Dr. Ivan E. Danhof applied his expertise and years of laboratory research experience to develop a leading-edge technology to process Aloe Vera without loosing any of the plant's natural healing properties.

The patented Totaloe Process ensures that the more than 300 constituents remain in balance during harvest and processing, resulting in an unmantched premium product when compared to established international standards. To this day, each production batch is personally tested by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof in his research laboratory for content, consistency, and exact concentration. Because of the Totaloe Process, no competitor can achieve the levels of critical constituents in the final product which is virtually free of undesirable laxative anthraquinones.

Aloe Vera FieldEnvironment

To obtain Aloe Vera plants of the highest quality for our products, they are grown in a pollution-free habitat. No fertilizers, insecticides or weed killers have interfered with the plant's growth. In addition to this, the water used for irrigating the plants is either natural rain water or artesian spring water which filters down through the surrounding mountain, bringing with it all the characteristics of purity that only nature can provide and assuring the highest quality of Aloe Vera materials.

As a result, all fields used for harvest of Aloe Vera plants for our products have been planted and worked organically. The plantations and manufacturing processes are certified by Farm Verified Organic and Quality Assurance International.


The best way to preserve the natural healing properties is to ensure the fastest processing of the raw Aloe Vera materials. Upon harvest from more than 900 acres of organic fields, the leaves are transported using specialized equipment to the nearby processing plants.

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