Dextrol: Customer Testimonials

Dextrol Concentrate - 32oz

QuoteThree months ago I was at the hair salon and the women there were discussing their diabetes problems of the past. They referred to a product which had done miracles for them in just a few weeks. At first very skeptical, I got involved in the conversation and inquired about the details. I went home and found wealth of information about Dextrol on Medical Aloe's web site. Since that day I have been buying Dextrol every month. Both, my mom and I solved the problem we had with diabetes. Even our family doctor is amazed at the significant improvement.

Barbara S., retail manager from New York City, NY

QuoteFor years I was suffering with severe digestion problems and blood sugar level swings. I tried many pills such as Omeprazole, some over-the-counter, other by prescription. Often the side-effects of these synthetic 'solutions' were worse than the problems I tried to solve. A friend of mine gave me his remaining Dextrol and recommended I try it. During my next digestive episode I drank the concentrate and it was like a miracle. I have recommended your product to many people now. I want everyone to know that often times a properly made natural product provides better results than man-made chemicals. Think about that next time you're about to take another pill.

Monica A., student from McKinney, TX

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QuoteBefore I went on a family vacation out of the country I bought a couple of Dextrol bottles to continue improving my diabetic condition. My cousin - who suffered from the same conditions asked about the Dextrol and began to take it with me. When the vacation was over I left the bottles for him and now he wants to go for another vacation just to get more Dextrol from me! I now ordered the Family Pack special. Thank you for making this available.

Maria H., mother of 4 from Miami, FL

QuoteOne year ago I started to read about the beneficial properties of Aloe Vera. I searched on the internet about natural treatments for my diabetes. I found the name of Dr. Ivan Danhof everywhere. I decided to go to the source of his products and I found this website. Since then, I've been taking Dextrol according to the recommended dosage and within four weeks I could tell my symptoms improved. At my next visit to the doctor, the lab results confirmed the changes I felt for weeks. I have placed my order regularly since then.

Josh M., university professor from Portland, OR

QuoteI'm writing to let you know that after 4 months of using Dextrol all my diabetes symptoms completely disappeared and my blood sugar levels and triglycerides are within normal limits for the first time in years!

Michael P., stockbroker from Chicago, IL

We want to hear from you! Send us your success story!