Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dextrol?

Dextrol is an extract made from the Aloe Vera plant (Aloe Barbadensis). Under this succulent's thick skin is the aloe gel used in production of the Dextrol concentrate.

In normal growing conditions this aloe gel contains 98%+ water with the total solids consisting of over 300 constituents. Amongst them are two particular glycans that reverse insulin resistance resulting in normalization of blood glucose and triglyceride levels. The Dextrol concentrate is prepared utilizing a patented process (US Patent Number: 6,083,508) to achieve the optimal levels of these ingredients.

Who should take Dextrol?

If you suffer symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes or elevated glycemic response, you should first consult your doctor. Dextrol has been used by individuals of all ages and genders with pronounced results. It is specially formulated to promote balanced metabolism and actively enhance digestive benefits resulting in normalized levels of glucose and triglyceride levels.

Dr. Ivan E. Danhof What makes Dextrol different?

The quality of the Aloe Vera plants used in production is one of the key elements to the proper ratio of constituents found in Dextrol. Grown in accordance with the stringent organic certifications, the plants are processed utilizing a patented Totaloe methodology (US Patent Number: 6,083,508). Because of this protection, no competitor can achieve the levels of critical constituents in the final product which is virtually free of undesirable laxative anthraquinones. To this day, each production batch is still personally tested by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof in his research laboratory for content, consistency, and exact concentration.

How does Dextrol work?

As a result of the Type 2 Diabetes factors, a patient may experience a combination of symptoms that include an elevated level of blood glucose, an elevated insulin level, and an elevated level of blood fats (triglycerides).

Dextrol, over a period of time (usually in 4-6 weeks) corrects the problem, allowing for insulin to bind onto the cell surface receptors resulting in normalization of the blood glucose and fat levels.

Aren't these claims just a folk tale?

Although many still consider Aloe Vera to be a folk remedy, it is important to remember that two-thirds of the world's population is treated with herbs and plant products that are not only effective, but offer benefits that are equal or superior to the synthesized, chemically-derived remedies of the western world.

How quickly can I expect to feel the effects?

The usual normalization response is seen in most individuals within 4-6 weeks of regular daily use. Incremental changes are often experienced sooner. It is recommended that you consult your doctor to properly check your blood sugar levels, adjust your diet and verify intake of oral hypoglycemics.

Is it specific only to Type 2 Diabetes?

In Type 1 Diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. In contrast, patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus produce plenty of insulin. The diabetic condition is caused by either an insufficient number of receptors on the muscle and fat cell wall surfaces for insulin attachment, or the receptors have become mis-shaped so the insulin molecules cannot bind to the receptors. As a result, when starches and sugars enter blood stream insulin levels rise, but little if any insulin binds to the receptors and thus less than normal amounts of glucose is permitted to enter the muscle and fat cells. This is also referred to as insulin resistance.

Can I use Dextrol for other digestive symptoms?

Dextrol is specially formulated to promote balanced metabolism and actively enhance digestive benefits resulting in normalized levels of glucose and triglycerides. Many customers have been using Dextrol as a digestive dietary supplement for the benefit of their entire families.

Do I need a prescription?

Dextrol does not require a prescription. Dextrol Concentrate is an all natural dietary supplement product made from certified organically-grown Aloe Vera.

Dextrol Nutrition Facts Is Dextrol safe? What is the nutritional profile?

Yes! Dextrol is a dietary supplement that contains only specifically produced concentrate extracted from Aloe Vera according to the patented process, with trace amounts of preservatives. There are no other additives, enhancers, or compounds present in this product.

How does it taste?

The bitter taste of aloe juice usually comes from aloins and anthraqinones found just under the skin of the Aloe Vera leaves. These bitter constituents are eliminated during the processing of the leaves and a selective filtration process. Still, it is well known that unflavored aloe is not sold purely for its taste. It is possible to mix Dextrol with a glass of water or your favorite juice.

How do I avoid imitation products?

Medical Aloe distributes products online under an exclusive license from Dr. Ivan E. Danhof. Often quoted as the "Father of Aloe" he is the co-author of the patent for processing Aloe Vera plants. Recognized as one of the world's top experts on aloe, Dr. Danhof has helped to pioneer critical work aimed at isolating aloe's healing agents and developing the most favorable processing and stabilizing techniques.

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