Remarkable Aloe: Aloe Through the Ages

Remarkable Aloe by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof
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The purpose of this book is to explore the effects, both myth and magic, and real and factual, of a plant which for centuries has played a significant role in folk lore and folk medicine. This plant is Aloe vera Linne, also called Aloe barbadensis Miller, and Aloe vulgaris Lamarck, a succulent of the Liliaceae family.

Information has been gleaned from a significant literature, studies from enormous numbers of anecdotal tributes, from recent rigorous experiments in the research laboratory, and from controlled clinical trials.

Dr. Danhof collates in a meaningful manner the historical milestones, the scientific evidence, external and internal uses, and the exploration of potential professional uses. A conscious effort has been made to sort out figment, as well as to document fact, in order that the reader may come away with a coherent and cogent concept of what Aloe is and is not.

Table of Contents

A Tribute: Gilbert Westcott Reynolds (1895-1967)

Chapter One: Medicine From The Earth
Intercapitulum One: Home Remedies

Chapter Two: Aloes Around The World
Intercapitulum Two: Aloe Taxonomy and Nomenclature

Chapter Three: The Aloe Vera Plant
Intercapitulum Three: Hints On Growing Various Species of Aloe

Chapter Four: Aloe Through Time - From the dawn of civilization to 1500 BC
Intercapitulum Four: Testimony of Menton

Chapter Five: Aloe Through Time - Fable, Fiction, Fact (500 BC - AD 500)
Intercapitulum Five: Elements, Qualities, Humors

Chapter Six: Aloe Through Time - Fable, Fiction, Fact (AD 500 - AD 1700)
Intercapitulum Six: Of Herbe Aloe

Chapter Seven: Aloe Through Time - Fable, Fiction, Fact (AD 1700 - Present)
Intercapitulum Seven: Normal Pattern Of Defecation

Chapter Eight: Religious Aspects of Aloe Barbadensis
Intercapitulum Eight: The Dead

Chapter Nine: Funerary Aspects of Aloe
Postcapitulum Nine: The Undertaker