About Us

Fresh Aloe Vera LeafFrom the first encounter with Dr. Ivan E. Danhof it is obvious he is a physician like no other. As a trained doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, his interest in natural remedies was always part of his professional practice. He has dedicated a significant portion of his practice to researching nature's own medicine cabinet.

Often quoted as the "Father of Aloe" he is the co-author of the patented Totaloe technique for processing Aloe Vera plants. Recognized as one of the world's top experts on aloe, Dr. Danhof has helped to pioneer critical work aimed at isolating aloe's healing agents and developing the most favorable processing and stabilizing techniques.

Dr. Danhof has graciously helped many growers, processors, and manufacturers of natural products. He has also provided direction and much needed guidance to industry trade groups. Still, he always found time for more laboratory research and experiments that have yielded large number of product formulas. The many years of research have now resulted in introduction of Dextrol as the premier natural remedy for Type 2 Diabetes symptoms. More products are awaiting market introduction in the near future.

Medical Aloe distributes products online under an exclusive license from Dr. Ivan E. Danhof.